From:  Maurice Lloyd

  1. Date: 3.1.86       Maurice Lloyd's Comment on Personal Christian Relationships in the 1960s. His understanding of The British Israel Movement and Pentecostalism. 

  2. Date: ?. 5.91.     Comment on the meaning of Greek words with reference to House of Israel, Greeks, and Gentiles.  hellEnistes     hellEnas     pas oikos     IsraEl     ethnos

  3. Date: 20.7.91     Maurice Lloyd's Help on the means of written communication.     

  4. Date: 11.8.92     Comments on: The Administration of The Fullness of The Seasons.  Mystery of The Christ / Mystery of the Administration of Grace.  The last days.   'The Second Coming of the Holy Spirit'.  The Kingdom aiOn and olam, basileia, metanoia, hupeikO.      

  5. Date: ?.6.93       Maurice Lloyd's understanding of the process of Bible Study compared with the process of Theology. 'The Bible is the one and only authority'  

  6. Date: 12.10.93   Maurice Lloyd's Comments on the two Mysteries in Ephesians chapter 3. mustErion   

  7. Date: 25.11.93   Maurice Lloyd's further comments on the writings of  John Cheetham. The Bible is the only authority. Comments concerning the writings contained in Open Forum and This I Believe

  8. Date: 19.1.94    Maurice Lloyd's comments on the writings of Panin, The Resumption of The Kingdom Era, John Cheetham, The Nature of God. epiphaneia  archons   oikiakos   oikia   oikos

  9. Date: 12.5.95     Maurice Lloyd's Censorious Comments on the writings of T. with comments upon his own superb abilities. His understanding of the post Acts Transition.  epitelesei  metanoia

  10. Date: 25.7.96     Maurice Lloyd's Comments on errors of Otis Sellers with regard to 'mystery' and 'repent'. metanoia   apokrypto  apokryphos  mustErion

  11. Date: ?.3.97       Maurice Lloyd's Comments on the errors of DH with regard to the 70 weeks of Daniel.  ekklEsia 

  12. Date: 12.1.98     Maurice Lloyd's Comments on the events at Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.   

  13. Date: 17.10.98   Reconcilliation of Historical dates from 500bc to 70ad including an interpretation of Daniel's Seventy Weeks.

  14. Date: 16.2.99     Maurice Lloyd's Comment on the order of Paul's letters agreed at Sunningdale in the 1950s.     Criticism. 

  15. Date: 25.7.99     Comment on Transition Periods[misunderstanding...gtm].   

  16. Date: 24.2.00     Comments on the timing of 2Timothy, 'The Closure of Acts' and Astronomical Chronology.

  17. Date: 22.3.00.    Comment on the meaning of various Greek words with reference to Otis Sellers views. mustErion, kruptos, basilia, hegemonia, metanoia, metamelomai, hupeikO, dexiOs, exousia

  18. Date: 11.9.00     Maurice Lloyd's Comment on     Transition Periods,      'The Out Resurrection Out from The Dead',    Order of The Pauline Epistles,     The House of Judah NOT Lo-Ammi.           exanastasin tEn ek nekron   epiphaneia     sOtErion  tou mustEriou tou apokekrummenou apo tOn aiOniOn  

  19. Date: 16.10.00   Comment on the meaning of various Greek words with reference to the views of David Hettema, Director of The Word of truth Ministry.  epiphaneia        parousia       kerusso

  20. Date: 13.11.00   Comment on the basis of the chronological scheme and the command 'to restore and to build Jerusalem'.. Hebrew tenses


Third Party

  1.   Date:?.14.63    THE SON OF GOD  kurios   kurieuO   kurie   despotEs   ho kurios 


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