Copy of Personal Letter.

Maurice Lloyd's Help on the means of written communication. 

Dear T,

It is difficult to write a satisfactory letter to you, as correspondence entails a reciprocal exchange of thought, and you do not respond as would be expected following my last letter to you.

It is moreover, impossible to engage in real communication for two different reasons. For one thing you state by means of a brief phrase, which to you is meaningful, an idea, belief or understanding you have, but which means nothing to anyone else. You must elaborate in detail what is in your mind if another person is to grasp your meaning. It is doubly important to fully demonstrate any new interpretation if a hearer or reader is to grasp what you are getting at. This is a failing common to most of us, but you seem to be afflicted to a more than average extent.

The second thing you have about 'British Israel' teaching which impairs your sound judgment. I never said your 'view of BI was irrational', as I'm not able to tell what that view could be; I did say and still do say, you are irrational in your reaction. I cannot helpfully discuss the matter reasonably, but I do suggest the first stage is for you to recognise to yourself that this exists. The second stage is to seek council from someone close to you in your family who is likely to have observed the same trait, but possible also may be able to track down the source of this abnormality.

Most people would avoid upsetting you by keeping silent. I make these remarks, which I am sure you will react heatedly to, but after a cooling off time you might perhaps come to accept has just a small amount of truth in it.

I enclose further charts with my comments for you to pass on to those you believe to be interested.

Yours sincerely  Maurice Lloyd  20th July 1991.

P.S.  If you had read my letter of 1985 attentively, you would not now be calling me a Scot -- though I've lived here for 24 years.

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