Copy of Personal Memo.

Maurice Lloyd's Comments on the events at Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.   

Dear T,

As you do not qualify for a letter this is just a note of appreciation of your recent comments.

I enclose copies of what are responses to a letter from Andrew Maclooty who edits the pro -- Knoch "Grace and Truth", but I have heard no more from him since.

The enclosed chart shows how and where I differ from Leslie Green on the subject He insists on "three days and three nights" as being 72 hours [which makes rising again on the 4th not the 3rd day]. This is an idiom and only means three days, or part days, with the intervening two nights.

Note that the disciples [as also do the Samaritay of Nablous still to-day] celebrated the passover on the night of the 14th Nisan, whereas the Jews then [and ?] celebrate it on the night of the 15th, the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Note that Jesus was crucified on Thursday and rose from the dead on Saturday, the Sabbath, at first light [this is what Mark -- or the completer of his Gospel -- actualy states].

Scripture always states "nothing but the Truth" yet does not tell us the whole Truth. There is the danger of equating incident and terms and making apparent contradictions. The "women" in one place may not be the same "women" elsewhere. The four visits to the tomb are all identified by the different times given in the context.

Observe that Mark's "women" told nobody about what they saw "after the sun had risen" [this meant they approached from the West with the sun in their eyes and heads down until at the entrance enabling their conversation to be heard by anyone inside]. There was only one person there who could hear and report it !

Last Autumn John Ribbins wrote to Stuart Allen about an article S.A. had written in the Berean Expositor. I know because J.R. sent me a copy but with no covering letter. I deduce that I was meant to comment thereon. At first I thought I would do so but eventually did nothing as there are still some areas of uncertainty -- which is also holding me up on revising my chronological chart.

Maurice 12th January 1998.

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