This is deduced from observed eclipse cycles which are each of 54years 1month approximately.  But many chronologists suspect an error of allocation during the Persian Period for which no confirming evidence is available The Canon is thus :-

Other calculations suggest that Ptolemy has incorporated an excess of two cycles, i.e. 108/9 years by wrong allocation of eclipses to kings. A tentative amendment for the Persian Period is put forward for analysis which is as follows. During the reign of Cyrus we learn from Daniel 11:2-4 that four more kings of Persia arise prior to Alexander the Great.

P.S.  See Appendix II of Robert Anderson's 'Coming Prince', which discusses these problems.

[Subject to Verification]

M.S.Lloyd  26/11/91

When the Temple was built in Zedekiah's 11th year, the High Priest was SERAIAH the 23rd after AARON.

The period from entry is 917years

Average life service if each High Priest is 917 32 = 29weeks

From SERAIAH to JADDUA [High Priest whenAlexander the Great succeeded] there were seven High Priests

The period was either 70years + 207 = 277years OR

The period was either 70years + 98 = 168years.

Average life serving of High Priest = 277 7 = 39.5years; or 168 7 = 24years

[If JADDUA had only just taken office the average could be 168 6 = 28years]

N.B. If 98 is correct, 14 of the 62 weeks end at Alexander's accession

Data on Priests given in Conder's Bible Handbook

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