Hebrews ch.1 vs.10 to 12 in heptads


The passaghe is a quotation from Psalm 102 vs.25 to 27, and is nearly identical with the LXX, Su being moved from the fifth place to the last and kurie from 6th to 4th position in line one. The elixeiV of most texts is probably due to accomodation to the LXX  The allaxeiV is from Tischendorf, whose text is that used above, and he also rejects the 2nd wV emation Stephanus. The one conjectured amendment is from wV to wsei in 4th line, for which no known MS gives support. The meaning is scarsely distinguishable, changing 'as' to 'as if', cf. "white like[wsei] wool, as white as[wV] snow" Rev 1:14. It may be noted if the article is deleted we get 42 words and 210 letters which is what Milormaik leads us to expect; but then GEM = 23940 to PV = 2386 !!


ACTS  19  verses  1  to  7


SOU........Souter's Greek Testament. 1910

St............Scrwener's Stephens New Testament.  1550

UBS........United Bible Society NT  1965

TIS.........Tischendorf's  8th Edition

D............ Codex Bezoe

R. McCormack in his 'Seven in Scripture' claims: "every book in the Bible may be divided into sections each having 7 divisions. These are sentences or statements, often introduced by de or kai, and it is probable that each section has a total number of letters and words each a multiple of 7". 

It is common that each division has a number of letters divisible by 7. The number of words cannot always be a multiple of 7 in a division[though the above does]. The words autwn and wV conjectioned [i.e. no MS. is known to have it] but do not alter the sense or even translation.

Maurice Lloyd  15.2.89

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